Jialong Hardware (Taicang) Co., LTD

Jialong Hardware (Taicang) Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in: automobile parts, communication equipment, medical equipment, electronic products accessories, 3C products of electrogalvanizing, zinc nickel alloy and electroless nickel plating processing business. The company is located in the back garden of Shanghai - Liuhe Taicang, about 5km to the south of Shanghai Jiading, about 15km to the west of Kunshan, about 2km away from the G15 high-speed exit. The company specializes in various environmental protection galvanized and zinc nickel alloy and electroless nickel and other high-end products such as electroplating processing business. The company has 5 advanced automatic production lines that can be processed with a maximum length of 3 meters, and has perfect testing equipment (AA instrument, X-ray film thickness instrument, high and low temperature tester, salt spray tester, etc.).


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